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Air Force ROTC – Detachment 430
University of Mississippi

Enrollment and Performance-based Scholarships

Enrollment-based Scholarship
All active, non-ROTC scholarship GMC (AS100/200/250) cadets will receive $300 per semester                                         (up to 4 semesters for a possible total of $1,200) based on the following criteria:

Must be a first or second year cadet
Must meet all criteria to be “active” in the ROTC program to include enrollment in AS courses
Not currently on Air Force ROTC scholarship
Pass Physical Fitness Assessment by second semester in the program
Pass DoD medical exam by the end of the second semester in the program

Performance-based Scholarship
Performance-based scholarship funds are available to all cadets who are “active” in the Air Force ROTC program to include enrollment in AS courses
The scholarship funds vary each semester based on program enrollment and are allocated based on the following criteria:

Physical Fitness Assessment score
Term GPA
Cumulative GPA

High School Scholarship Program (HSSP)

High School Students must apply by January of their senior year at

In College Scholarship Program (ICSP)

In-College students should contact Detachment 430 for more information as the scholarship eligibility requirements may vary from semester to semester.

Additional information about ICSP scholarships can be found at

Technical Majors

The University of Mississippi offers the following Technical and Foreign Language Majors, which may receive priority when competing for Air Force ROTC scholarships:

Chemistry • Civil Engineering • Computer Science • Electrical Engineering • Mathematics • Mechanical Engineering • Physics • Arabic • Chinese