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Air Force ROTC – Detachment 430

University of Mississippi

Please see below for the basic AFROTC time commitments you will have while in College

Air Force Academic Class

As a member of ROTC, you will enroll in unique Air Force classes that will give you tools to succeed in your future career.  All of the Aerospace Studies classes are taught by military faculty and distinguished guest speakers.  A brief synopsis of each academic class you will be required to take throughout your ROTC career is found below.  Once completely all of the mandatory academic classes, cadets will earn a minor in Aerospace Studies (AS).

Freshman Year: AS 101/102 – Foundations of the Air Force   (Two Semesters, One Credit Hour Per Semester)

This survey course focuses on the mission and organization of the Air Force, officership and professionalism, military customs and courtesies, Air Force leaders, officer pay, benefits, and career opportunities. It covers an overview of the Air Force and introduces communication skills training.

Sophomore Year: AS 201/202 – The Evolution of U.S Air Space Power   (Two Semesters, One Credit Hour Per Semester)

This course focuses on Air Force heritage, leaders, ethics, and values. Introduces leadership studies, group leadership problems, and Air Force quality programs.

Junior Year: AS 301/302 – Leadership Studies   (Two Semesters, Three Credit Hours Per Semester)

This course studies the importance of quality leadership and management, the role of discipline in leadership situations and the variables that affect leadership.  Case studies are used to examine Air Force Leadership and management situations as a means of demonstrating and exercising practical application of the concepts.  Students will deal with actual problems and complete projects associated with planning and managing the Leadership Laboratory.  This class meets twice per week.

Senior Year: AS 401/402 – Defense Studies   (Two Semesters, Three Credit Hours Per Semester)

This course is designed to help prepare cadets for their first active duty assignment as an Officer in the Air Force.  In this course, cadets learn about the role of a professional military leader in a democratic society and societal attitudes toward the armed forces.  They also learn the requisites for maintaining adequate national defense structure, the impact of technological and international developments on strategic preparedness, military law and the overall policy-making process.

Leadership Laboratory

Every cadet must attend the two hour Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) every week.  LLAB is planned and run by the Junior and Senior cadets.  During LLAB, cadets will develop effective communication skills, physical fitness, and knowledge of military customs and courtesies.  LLAB is an excellent environment to improve verbal communication, planning and organizational skills.  Cadets will gain valuable hands-on leadership and management experience with their peers.

Leadership Lab activities may include:

  • Drill and Ceremonies
  • Leadership Studies
  • Air Force Officer Career Days
  • Leadership Building Exercises
  • Field Exercises

Physical Training

In order to maintain good physical conditioning, all cadets are required to attend at least two hour-long physical training (PT) sessions each week.

PT sessions may include:

  • Running (Sprints & Long Distance)
  • Calisthenics
  • Swimming
  • HIIT Workouts

PT will prepare cadets to take the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA).  The PFA ensures cadets maintain an acceptable level of fitness.  There are four events: push-ups, sit-ups, 1.5 mile run and a waist measurement.  Cadets that are on scholarship, must pass the PFA each Fall and Spring term.

Note: New cadets MUST complete a Pre-Participatory Sports Physical prior to participating in PT.