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Air Force ROTC – Detachment 430
University of Mississippi

Step 1: Enroll

Enroll as a full-time student at the University of Mississippi.  Full-time student status is at least 12 credit hours per semester.

Step 2: Register

Register for the AFROTC AS 101 class through your MyOleMiss account.  If you are a Sophomore wanting to join our program, you will be required to take both the Freshman (AS 101) and Sophomore (AS 201) level classes.  Please call our office for any registration questions or issues.


  • Aerospace Studies 101
    • Thursday 1300-1350
  • Aerospace Studies 201
    • Tuesday 1300-1350

Step 3: Inprocessing

All cadets will fully inprocess our detachment shortly after the start of the semester.  In order to be an active cadet, we will need these following documents:

  • OFFICIAL Birth Certificate (must be original)
  • OFFICIAL Social Security Card (must be original)
  • Selective Service Registration Verification (Males Only) Can be printed from the following website:
  • High School ACT/SAT scores (does not need to be the official copy)
  • Any JROTC/Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts/Civil Air Patrol Awards or Certificates you may have
  • If you have any prior civil involvements (i.e. school related discipline, traffic or speeding citations, etc.) please bring in a copy of the citation and/or final disposition receipts
  • DD Form 214, if you are prior Active Duty Military
  • Form 368, if you are ANG or RES